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An official statement by the Executive Board


The Executive Board of EAP is deeply shocked by the unjust invasion of Ukraine. We are immensely concerned for all Ukrainians and our Ukrainian psychotherapy colleagues. Our core values are undeniably intertwined with what Europe stands for: liberty and peaceful cooperation. We firmly stand with these values and condemn the Russian aggression to the fullest.

We have been preparing the EAP 30th Anniversary Congress “The Hope of Psychotherapy for our Endangered World” for many weeks and months. The war in Ukraine has been a challenge for us all. Now, the Executive Board of EAP has made the following decisions, as a sign of solidarity with our friends in Ukraine:

  1. The Congress will be free for all Ukrainian participants. We warmly welcome everybody who is joining us from Ukraine. Interested parties can contact our office via email at
  2. EAP is making efforts to have the Congress be interpreted into Ukrainian. The Russian interpretation of the event has been cancelled.
  3. As an act of support for our Ukrainian friends, the EAP’s past president of Russia has voluntarily stepped down from his role as speaker at the Congress.

Let us all remember that psychotherapy has the power to heal our deepest wounds. Our Congress stands for the hope that our profession offers to countless people around the world. That is why the theme of our Congress is more important than ever: HOPE.


Sending love and hope,

The Executive Board of the European Association for Psychotherapy

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